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Welcome to the Wheel register! On this page we are compiling a list of every wheel known to fit the E30, including all of its technical parameters.

The standard E30 wheel fitment is:

  • PCD: 4x100
  • Centre bore: 57.1mm
  • Offset: ET 15-35
  • Bolt: M12x1.5, 26mm length

When choosing your wheel, especially its size, it is important to remember the rolling radius; the overall size of the wheel including tyres.

The standard wheel and tyre fitted to the E30 was a 185/65R14, giving a rolling radius of 298mm. If running the 15" BBS, the tyre size was 205/55R15. If you are increasing the size of your wheel to 16" or 17", you need to pay attention to your tyre size, because it will affect your gearing as well as your speedometer. Learn more about calculating your tyre size.

If you've got a wheel which hasn't been listed, get in touch with Grrrmachine to get it featured.

Manufacturer Model Size Width Offset Features Rim Picture
AC Schnitzer Standard 16" 7.25J
AC Schnitzer Factory Black 16" 7.25J
Alpina 16" 7J
Alpina 16" 8J Staggered
Avez A 16" 7J or 9J ET15
BBS Mahle 15" 7J ET13
BBS RC 302 5-stud
BBS RM Staggered
BBS RS 002
BBS RS 003
BBS RS 003 8.5J and 9.5J Staggered
BBS RZ 14" 6J ET30 Optional BMW Alloy
BBS RZ 15" 7J ET24 Optional BMW Alloy
BBS Split 8J and 9J
Beyern Mesh 17" 7J ET27 2" lip
BK Alpina reps 20-spoke
BMW "Bottletop" 14" 6J ET35 Optional BMW Alloy
BMW Style 10 15" 7J ET24 Optional BMW Alloy
Borbet A 16" 9J ET15
Borbet B 16" 7.5J ET25
Borbet B 16" 9J ET15
Borbet C
Borbet T 16" 9J
Brock B1 17" 8.5J and 10J
Compomotive TH Mono 16" 8J
Dare RS 16" 8J/9J ET25/ET20 Staggered
Diamond Racing
Fondmetal Basket Weaves 15" ET13
Hartge 15"
Hartge 16" 7.5J ET25
Hartge Split rims
Kahn RS-C 18"
Lexmall Exip 15" 7J and 9J ET 25 and ET13
MiM 1900 15" 7J ET 13
MiM 3800 16" 7.5J
MiM Cross-spokes
MK Motorsports MK I
OZ Turbine/Route 15" 7J ET12
OZ Typ 03A 15" 7J ET13 Alpina rep
Racing Dynamics 16"
Remotec Aluline 15" 7J ET25
Revolution RFX 16" 9J
RG Alpina rep 16-spoke
RG Alpina rep 20-spoke
RH Topline 16" 7.5J
RH ZW Cups
Ronal LS 15" 7.5J ET25
Ronal Racing Turbo 15"
Ronal Turbo 15" 7J ET28
Zender Turbo