Servicing your electric roof

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After all the troubles that we E30 cabriolet owners with electric roofs have I thought I would write an article on how to keep your electric roof working well.

It is easy enough and can transform a slow working jerky roof operation into a smooth quick one. First of all, from the hoods closed position, operate the roof as normal but stop when the box flap is vertical to reveal the above mechanism, switch off the electrics.

The first job is to remove the protective plate that covers the motor which is held on with 2 screws.


Then undo the 2 screws(16) that hold the rods in place and lift off the bars 2 & 3.

The next stage is to lubricate with spray oil (not wd40 as it’s too light and just evaporates) all the hood frame at all the places it is hinged..

Now the boring bit. Manually work the back hood frame up and down at least 50 -75 times and also work the whole hood in and out of its compartment as many times as you can before you get too bored…The more the better! It lets the lubricant penetrate through the joints.

Now reassemble ……the motors cannot get out of sync as they are locked in the right position as you HAVEN’T touched the electrics. Pack with grease round where the rods connect and put the protective plate back on..

Using a good grease pack under an around no’s 18 and 4 and check that nut 17 is as tight as you can get it as it can work loose allowing the pressure to act on the casing, you will need something with a point for this as all it has are 2 little holes in the top. Make sure you have the washer (19) as this helps keep the bar a the correct angle and stops it flexing But remember to use Loctite when replacing the screws.

Your roof SHOULD work smoothly now and be a lot quicker