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Alpina E30

The E30 is a typical example of the Alpina way of thinking; subtle and stylish, but almost only as a by-product of functionality. Unlike some other tuning and styling companies, the Alpina variants of the E30 are not "pumped up" as such. Rather, they are a refinement of the BMW car. Aston Martin's DBS is sometimes referred to as the "gentleman thug" for it's elegant styling and handling, coupled with a very aggressive and powerful engine. If it were a man, he'd be wearing tweed, carrying a cricket bat, and possibly thinking about using it on you. The E30 Alpina can been seen in a similar way; a man in a stylish dinner suit, who hides a steel truncheon in his jacket, just in case you want to play rough.



The following are variants of E30 based conversions done by Alpina or the concessionairs.

NameVolumeEngine codeYearsNo. Produced
C1 2.32316ccM20B231982–198535
C1 2.5/C2.52494ccM20B251985–198???
C2 2.52552ccM20B23198?–1985??
B3/C2 2.72693ccM20B251986–1992417
B6 2.82788ccM301983–1986259
B6 3.53430ccM301984–198795
B6 3.5S3430ccM301986–199062

Please also see the E30 Alpina Register

Alpina sport pack

The Alpina sport pack was a UK-only performance upgrade for the 325i using the C2.5 spec engine upgrade of 268 degree camshaft, free flow exhaust system and reprogramed Bosch Motronic ECU to give 192 bhp.

Alpina 3

The Alpina 3 was a UK-only styling upgrade for any E30 (apart from the M3) comprising of Alpina 16x7 light alloy road wheels, Alpina leather steering wheel, Alpina wooden gear knob, Alpina front and rear spoilers, "ALPINA" rear badge and an Alpina key fob.

As well as full packages, individual items could be ordered from the Alpina Parts Catalogue.