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The 325i Motorsport is a limited-edition Convertible model of the E30, based on the 325i.



The 325i Motorsport was a limited production based on the 325i]Convertible. The Motorsport kept all the standard 325i running gear and just had the addition of M-Tech sports suspension as found on the 325i Sport. The addition of an LSD was an optional extra on the Motorsport unlike the Sport. The Motorsport was offered with the choice of manual or automatic gearboxes. What makes the Motorsport unique to the rest of the E30 range is the paint colours and interior trim it came with. The Motorsport was the only E30 available with what is known as bubble leather (depending on the year), but also came with leather stitched doorcards and centre consoles.

It is widely acknowledged that these cars were made in batches of which there are 4 known about across the 4 years the Motorsport was on sale. This started with early un-kitted metal bumpered cars (M-Tech 1 kit was an optional extra) through to plastic bumpered cars with the M-Tech 2 kit fitted as standard.


As mentioned about the Motorsport was offered with a range of colour combinations unique to the model. Learn more about Motorsport paint colours.


Below are the exterior paint colour available. Also of note is that the famous motorsport wheels where only introduced to the range with the M-Tech 2 kitted cars, these were the normal 15" BBS wheels with Nagaro Silver cross spokes and a silver rim.

The Motorsports were also usually dechromed, this means that all the window trim was black and bumper body coloured. The only ones this didn't apply to was the first batch of Nargaro Silver cars, these had chrome window trim and body coloured bumpers.

Nagaro Silver on an early metal bumpered car;

Macau Blue on an early metal bumpered car;

Macau Blue on a later M-Tech 2 kitted car;

Calypso Red on a later M-Tech 2 kitted car;

Sebring Grey on a later M-Tech 2 kitted car;

Maruritus Blue on a later M-Tech 2 kitted car;


All Motorsports came with leather interiors including the very rare leather doorcards which also had leather door handles and pockets, and the leather center consoles which also included leather covered ashtrays. The colour combinations were set by BMW, so depending which paint you chose affected which colour interior you got. Also included was a leather sports steering wheel, with the early cars receiving the M-Tech 1 steering wheel and the later ones getting the M-Tech 2 steering wheel with the rare leather horn push.

Grey Leather with center badges showing the M-Tech coloured stripes, these were only fitted to the first batch of Macau Blue cars in 1988.

Grey Leather with the M-Tech stripes stitched into the corners, these were only fitted to the second batch of Nagaro Silver & Macau Blue cars in 1989.

Grey Bubble Leather with matching grey leather doorcards and center console. This was only fitted to the Macau Blue cars in 1990.

Black Bubble Leather with matching black leather doorcards and center console. This was only fitted to the Sebring Grey cars in 1990.

Lotus White Leather with matching lotus white leather doorcards and center console. This was only fitted to the Calypso Red and Maruritus Blue cars in 1991.

Production Numbers

40 in 1988 (Chrome)- Macau Blue

250 in 1989 Nogaro Silver & Macau Blue

250 in 1990 Sebring Grey & Macau Blue

50 in 1991 Calypso Red & Maruritus Blue